History survives in these distinct organic wines.

Doing hard things makes you better. The Romans knew it. And innovative winemaker, Juraj Sladić, bottles the proof.

They say that struggling vines produce the very best wines. Just like people, tests build character. For two-thousand years a woody framework of grapevine roots has creaked and jostled through the rocky soils of Dalmatia. This will to survive creates intensity and depth.

Romans knew the secrets of Šibenik. With sun on their backs and coastal wind in their hair, they left testaments of early winemaking in earth and sea. A heated grape maturation room called a hypocaust, 102 amphoras and the Machina Nova press, famously invented by Faust Vrančić. 

Enjoy the fresh and complex herbs of the Dalmatian karst in Pošip. And testify to the fruity, chocolatey, spicy might of Babić. A rich Roman past lives in these full, aromatic and complex wines. Let’s not get all super fancy pants, but these clever numbers have serious calibre.

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