New Wines

Greetings from Austria with Stift Klosterneuburg

Our prayers are answered! A postcard from Austria. We’ve met some thirsty monks in a place that gets harder to say the more you drink. Stift Klosterneuburg. Stift Klosterneuburg. Stift Klosterneuburg. Well, that’s enough practice. Now it’s down into the cellar for more tasting. And what a fascinating place.

Since the year 1114, these blushing monks have been stomping grapes. On our journeys to vineyards around the world, we’ve been lucky enough to discover the products of their patience. One red. One white. Two wines of the truest greatness and the steepest tradition. Amen.


Discover New Zealand with Steve Bird

Kia ora! It means ‘be healthy’ in Māuri. We say it every time we toast. After landing in Wellington we’ve experienced the hospitality, generosity and care of Steve Bird and his family. When you taste these wines with his name on the bottle, you’ll feel the same spirit of manaakitanga in every drop.

Young and smooth Manu Pinot Noir. Delicate and floral Manu Rosé. Refreshing stone-fruit of the Manu Sauvignon Blanc. Gold winning, exceptional quality and real Earth-friendly characters. Family wines for your favourite times to pass around with love. A great find. Enjoy. We did.


Greetings from Chile with Kinast

Buenos dias! We’re South of Santiago. The air is cooler here. We’ve found our way to a family winery and they’ve all sorts of ultra tech that makes their wine more exciting. Forget everything you know about those same old Chilean fruit bombs. The Kinasts rewrite the rules.

They’re related to Aurelio Montes, a big wine don of these parts. Look him up. We’re all wearing straw hats just to be like him. We love the family and their wines so much we’ll bring plenty back to share. You won’t believe the smells and the flavours. So alive. You’ll literally feel the valley.


Discover Croatia with Testament Winery

Hej hej from Croatia! Plenty of sea air and sun in a medieval city called Šibenik. As always, we’ve unearthed some wonderfully different wines to share. Up the Adriatic coast at the Testament winery, we’ve found a fresh and complex white, Pošip, and a spicy and mighty red, Babić.

Grapevines here struggle through the rocky organic soils, so the flavours and aromas are deep and intense. And the views? Breathtaking. Take a holiday here at your very first chance. Until then, pop these quality corks for a taste of these delightful Dalmatian shores.


Travel the World with Tussock Jumper

A curious new trend!

We love sending postcards home from vineyards around the world. But on our travels, something incredibly rare has come to our attention. Some truly curious animals, native beasts from all corners of Earth, are wearing stylish, red, knitted sweaters. Meet the Tussock Jumpers.

We adore them. So we thought we’d share these lovable oddities with you. Boars, koalas and llamas from eleven countries, like the Chilean Carmanere, the French Pinot Noir, and a fresh look at a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Take a cheeky, weird and wondrous leftfield leap.